This page was Updated September 9th, 2018


First, THANK YOU to everyone for their kind words & concerns! We'll clarify a bit so that everyone knows why will not be doing anymore train shows for a while. Perry and Jim are fine but last week Jim went in for back surgery. He has been having issues for 5+ years and dealt with them but finally reached the surgery point. He has been home for over a week now and is doing very well but has VERY strict lifting restrictions and other restrictions for 6 months minimum. We all enjoy doing train shows, sure it's fun selling but more so getting to know so many of our customers on a first name and very personable level too. We very much appreciate everyones concerns and look forward to doing shows again once Jim is fully healed up. Anyone that does have items reserved, Paul will reach out to you as they arrive to see if it should be shipped or if a pick up at a show can be made. We are not going away, not quite yet anyway. THANK YOU!
Jim, Paul and Perry Becker
Jim's surgery went extremely well. His recovery is going extremely well too but it will be a long time until he is back to 100%. Again, we thank everyone for their concerns, thoughts, kind words and prayers. THANK YOU!!!
Jim had his 6 week check-up last week and got lots of good news! X-ray's looked very good, he got the green light for driving and has been uped to 20 pound lifting restrictions. This was/is all great news but this means that we will start doing train shows again! Now, we will not be doing our normal 10-14 table setup. We are going to start small and ease back into things and go from there. We will have 2 tables and bring very limited inventory along to sell. BUT, get a hold of us early in the week before the show, call, email, or through Facebook with what you want to pick up at the show and we'll bring your order along to pay/pick up at the show! That way you won't miss out! Thank you again for all of your support!
Perry had to go in for shoulder surgery on 8/29/18 to have his right shoulder replaced. We wanted to let everyone know that his surgery went very well, he's still in the hospital but he's doing fine. Jim is in the office so if you do want to place an order he'll be able you. We'll update again when we have more news on Perry's recovery. Again, we very much appreciate everyones support and well wishes!

Perry has been home now for over a week. He is doing very well with his recovery, improving everyday! Jim will continue to man the office while Perry recovers. Jim is also recovering from surgery too, back surgery which he had in late June and is also doing very well with his recovery.

As always, we are very grateful for all of our friends/customers. We thank all of you for your continued support and well wishes for Perry and Jim, THANK YOU!


Train Show Announcement
We will be doing a very limited train show schedule while both Perry and Jim recover. We will be posting ALL show information that we get and noting for each show whether we will be there selling or not. We want to help the show organizers get their info out even if we won't be there selling so please check our Show Schedule.

For now, shows that we will be attending, we are scaling way back with our booth size. We will have a very limited inventory of new merchandise along to sell BUT we will be bringing orders for customers to pick up at those shows provided they have contacted us prior to the show. (This service is free to all but please notify us at least a couple days BEFORE the show so we have time to pull the merchandise for you.

Again, we thank you all for your contiued support! Perry, Jim and Paul Becker