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Updated & Uploaded: January 16th, 2021

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“20th Century Limited; America’s Most FamousPassenger Train.”

If you want to see what one of the most famous passenger trains in America was like, here it is!

The year 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the end of the 20th Century Limited, one of the most famous passenger trains in America. This New York-Chicago train was the way to travel between the America's two largest and most important cities in the first half of the 20th Century. The train is well known in many cultural aspects including being the route for celebrities, and it was one of the originators of walking the red carpet.

Don't miss this exclusive DVD featuring historical footage, photos, and live interviews.

Running Time 60 min Documentary
Narrated by: Michael Gross
Kalmbach Publishing

611 in Steam

Explore the history and 2015 restoration of world famous Norfolk & Western Class J No. 611.

Running Time 60 min
Kalmbach Publishing

Big Boy - Back in Steam

DVD covers the history 1941-1959, restoration 2014-19 and inaugural run, May 2019, of UP’s Big Boy #4014. DVD follows its journey on its original operating territory between Cheyenne, WY and Ogden, UT across Sherman Hill and Wasatch Grade.  #4014 and #844 traveled to Ogden to help celebrate the 150 anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike.

Running Time 110 min
Kalmbach Publishing

Chicago; America’s Railroad Capital

In this DVD, Chicago, America’s Railroad Capital, you’ll discover how the third largest U.S. city became the nation’s most important hub, serving six of North America’s largest railroads. Along with its robust commuter system, more rail traffic passes through Chicago than any other city in America.

This special 60-minute video from Trains magazine features historical information and contemporary footage of passenger and freight trains, commuter lines, stations, modernization projects, and hot spots — giving you an up-to-date, behind-the-scenes look at what makes this busy hub so special.

Running Time 60 min
Kalmbach Publishing

Colorado Railroads

Diesel freight and steam tourist RRs in Rocky Mountains. Denver Union Depot & Denvers new commuter Trains+

Running Time 70 min
Kalmbach Publishing

Heavy Hauls

With the Heavy Hauls DVD, you’ll find loads of video footage about train transport. This DVD shows you how high tonnage freight is carried across America. You’ll see stunning landscape footage and learn how major railroad lines transport important products like coal, grain, oil, steel, and lumber. Trains are also responsible for carrying the products we use daily; items in homes, cars, and the food we eat — it all comes by rail.

This DVD, narrated by Associate Editor Steve Sweeney, features dramatic footage of the world’s most powerful trains carrying the continent’s heaviest cargo. It features railroads like Canadian National, BNSF Railway, Canadian Pacific, CSX, Florida East Coast, Kansas City Southern, Montana Rail Link, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific.

Running Time 90 min
Kalmbach Publishing

Lets Take A Ride
54 min.
Canadian Pacific trip covers ride from St. Paul, MN to Portage, WI. 230 miles in 54 min DVD. Along Mississippi River on former Milw/SOO mainline. Hastings, MN lift bride, 1,300 tunell at Tunnel City just to name a few. INTERESTING!
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Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Freight Trains; Steam Trains in the Rockies"

The last regular steam service freight trains over Cumbres Pass in
1968 and a number of photo freights since then.

Running Time 75 min
Kalmbach Publishing