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Basic DCC Wiring for Your Model Railroad
By Mike Poisgrove
Get started with Digital Command Control (DCC)! This how-to guide covers the basics, with an overview of DCC, track wiring, cab bus wiring, and converting an existing layout to DCC. Written by Mike Polsgrove, Model Railroader’s columnist on DCC. 56 pages, All Color, Softcover.



Burlington Northern Prairie Rails
By Gordon Brandvold
Most BN books previously published just “glazed-over” the route east of the Rockies. However, this area is extensively covered in Burlington Northern Prairie Rails in the era between the mid-1970s to the early 1980s. Many first-generation and early second-generation diesel locomotives are seen in this new book. 144 pages, All Color, Hardcover.



Chicago and North Western’s Many Faces
By Dean Freimund
This book covers the many facets of the C&NW system in 17 chapters; from commuter trains to ore haulers to branch lines, plus much more. LOTS of photographs never before published! 144 pages, All Color, Hardcover.



Classic Railroad Scenes Railroads at Work
By Art Peterson
Get great snapshots of railroading history in Art Peterson’s newest book! You’ll find 100+ color railroad photos of the Transition and Classic eras. Classic Railroad Scenes: Railroads at Work provides an intimate view of freight railroading including:

  • Inside yards and a roundhouse
  • At rail-marine facilities
  • Up close views of cars at industries
  • And much more! 

This 224-page book features 100+ color railroad photos of the Transition and Classic eras from the Krambles-Peterson Archive covering the 1940s through the 1970s. Organized geographically, each large photo includes in-depth captions which go beyond just telling you what is in the photo. Instead, they put the images in context with the greater railroad scene as well as what was going on in the larger society.  Don’t miss this close-up view of freight railroading in North America! 223 pages, Color, Softcover.



Delaware & Hudson the Final Years 1968 to 1991
By Rudy Garbely
Jim Shaughnessy’s definitive book Delaware & Hudson was published at the end of 1967, right at the beginning of a period of drastic change for the 144-year-old transportation company. The following 24 years would see the 744-mile D&H purchased by the Norfolk & Western (Dereco), doubled in size due to the Conrail merger, sold to Guilford, placed into bankruptcy, operated by the Susquehanna, and ultimately acquired by CP Rail. During this period, equipment, paint schemes, management, and operations were in a constant state of flux, creating one of the most intriguing and chaotic periods in D&H history and in Northeastern railroading as a whole. All the while, the employees of this historic regional railroad maintained its friendly, approachable atmosphere and charm, making the D&H appealing and accessible to railfans and industry professionals alike. Author Rudy Garbely picks up writing where Shaughnessy left off in 1967. This extensively researched text focuses on all-new employee interviews and recollections, contextualized with various historical D&H company records and contemporary accounts. Several hundred never-before-published color photos illustrate this definitive work on the D&H’s final years of independence.
400 pages, Hardcover



Diesel Railroad Tugboats V.1 East Coast
By Paul Strubeck
This first volume of a comprehensive book series on railroad tugboats, written by active railroader and tug crewmember Paul Strubeck, covers the boats and the considerable railroad maritime operations of New York Harbor, the Delaware River (Philadelphia and Wilmington), Norfolk (Hampton Roads, Sewell’s Point, and Little Creek area), and Baltimore Harbor. Over 75 diesel-powered tugs operated for railroad owners in these regions, and many went on to live multiple lives beyond their railroad careers.In-depth coverage includes every diesel tugboat owned and operated by the following railroads:
• Baltimore & Ohio Railway
• Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal
• Bush Terminal Railroad
• Central Railroad of New Jersey
• Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
• Dalzell Towing (leased to New Haven)
• Eastern Shore Railroad
• Erie Railroad
• Erie Lackawanna Railroad
• Jersey City Stockyard Company (PRR subsidiary)
• Lackawanna Railroad
• Lehigh Valley Railroad
• Long Island Rail Road
• New Haven Railroad
• New York Central System
• New York Cross Harbor Railroad
• New York Dock Railway
• Penn Central Transportation Co.
• Pennsylvania Railroad
• Reading Company
• Southern Railway
• Virginian Railway
• Virginia & Maryland Railroad
This book documents the entire period of operations of these tugs under railroad ownership, their subsequent owners, and their final dispositions. This extensive history is illustrated with over 400 photos, blueprints, drawings, and technical data. A dedicated section covers the major railroad tugboat designs on the east coast, interior layouts and components, construction methods, and different engine and propulsion types. Railroad tugboat operations were unique, and the designs of these boats were specific to the needs of the railroads they served. This book appeals not only to railroad enthusiasts, but to maritime historians interested in this unexplored chapter of tugboat design and operation. 400+ Photos, Blueprints, Drawings and Technical Data, Hardcover



Four Tracks Through the Mohawk Valley Along the Scenic Water level Route Between Albany and Buffalo
By John M. Ham
Over the past two decades, author John Ham has produced several books about the New York Central Railroad in New York State. His most recent publication was the book about the Central's Main Line entitled From Grand Central to Albany. This title continues the tour of the New York Central main line, continuing west from Albany and Schenect­ady along the scenic Mohawk River Valley to Syracuse and on through the fertile farmlands of central New York to Rochester and finally, Buffalo. The focus of this book is on the New York Central's "Glory Years" using a multitude of fine steam and early diesel photographs taken along the Water Level Route by some of the most noted rail photographers of the 20th Century. Using their original negatives and prints, they have been graciously loaned to the author by dif­ferent Historical Societies and collectors. 384 pages, 750+ Photos, Hardcover



From Grand Central to Albany New York Central’s Water Level Route
By John Ham w/Rail Historians Roger Liller & E.C.Dauner
Over the years numerous books have been produced depicting trains along the old New York Central Main Line between New York City and Albany.  Early ones deal mainly with locomotives and equipment roster shots with some fine scenic views tossed in here and there. More recent publications deal with modern day diesel and electric trains.  Other books have focused on the Penn Central, Conrail, Amtrak and MTA years. This volume focuses on the Central's "Glory Years" using a multitude of magnificent steam and early diesel photos taken along the Water Level Route by some of the most noted rail photographers of the 20th Century.  Many of the images have not previously been published. 
This volume contains not only superb New York Central photos, but images of connecting railroads and industries of all sorts that were served by the Central in one capacity of another.  There are even little known mining railroads included in this volume.  Over 650 images cover this trip up the scenic Hudson Valley. 336 pages, 650 Photos, Hardcover



Greenburg's Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2023
Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2023 is the go-to reference guide for toy train collectors and operators for accurate pricing information on prewar, postwar, and modern Lionel® trains. This handy 400+ page guide features:

  • Current pricing information with input from experts in the field
  • Identification and evaluation tips
  • Listings for Lionel® Corporation Tinplate, Club Cars and Special Production, Boxes and Sets
  • An easy-to-read format with space for notes
  • And much more!
    Pages: 456
456 pages, Softcover.



Guide to Electro-Motive E and F Units
By Jeff Wilson
Get all the details behind the Electro-Motive E and F units that revolutionized the railroading industry during the steam-to-diesel transition era. Guide to Electro-Motive E and F Units showcases how streamlined locomotives revolutionized the railroading industry during the steam-to-diesel transition era from 1935 to 1960. Written by well-known author Jeff Wilson, this all-new book details the development of diesel locomotives, how they were first accepted as passenger locomotives, and then how they took over heavy freight service. Featuring over 200 photos, including many full-color images, and line drawings of most E and F unit models, this 192-page book guides you through the evolution of these iconic locomotives. You’ll learn about:

  • How they came to be
  • Introduction to freight
  • Post-war passenger boom
  • Freight dieselization
  • Demise of E and F units
  • And more!

This must-have book is perfect for both railfans and model railroaders! Whether you want to learn about the dieselization of railroads, re-create E and F units on your model railroad, or just like streamlined diesels, you’ll get all the details behind Electro-Motive E and F units. 192 pages, Color and B&W, Softcover.



Guide to North American Steam Locomotives Revised Edition
By George H. Drury
This newly revamped book features every steam locomotive built in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada since 1900. This is an essential guide that should be in the library of every railfan! It includes:

•    Comprehensive rosters for every railroad.
•    Information and data railfans can’t find anywhere else. 
•    420 photos and newly designed roster tables.

 336 pages, B&W, Softcover.



How a Steam Locomotive Works
By Brian Solomon
Follow along with accomplished railway author Brian Solomon as he guides you through the various components and evolution of steam locomotives. You’ll learn how locomotives were designed, how they work, their strengths and weaknesses, how they evolved, and more! Unlock the secrets of steam locomotives with this comprehensive book covering how they work, including their design, evolution, and construction. Learn about how they were designed, how they work, what each of the components do, and how the engines operated. Well-known railway author Brian Solomon covers their strengths and weaknesses, how they evolved, and how and why diesel locomotives were able to supersede them.  You’ll get an in-depth view of the fascinating and extremely popular steam locomotives used throughout history including:

  • How steam locomotive components work together to get a train into motion
  • The evolution of steam leading to more-powerful locomotives 
  • The various wheel arrangements and what service each was designed for
  • Differences among coal- and oil-fired types
  • And more!

Featuring extensive photo coverage and drawings, this 208-page book is essential for any railfan or model railroader. Take the mystery out of these iconic living, breathing beings! 206 pages, Color and B&W, Softcover.



Kansas City Southern: Midwest Division
By Kevin Eudaly
The KCS system in the U.S. sprawls across nine Midwestern states with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. The system reaches into Illinois to Jacksonville, Springfield, and East St. Louis. The traditional southern main line moves traffic to Dallas, New Orleans, and Port Arthur, Texas. Later additions carry KCS rails east through Monroe, Louisiana, and Jackson, Mississippi, to Meridian and Artesia, Mississippi, and an even later addition touches Tennessee at Counce. Southern Texas and Mexico-bound traffic rolls from Beaumont through Houston to Corpus Christi and Laredo, where KCS rails continue deep into Mexico. This volume chronicles KCS east from Kansas City across the former Gateway Western and south from Kansas City to the end of the Shreveport Subdivision at Shoreline, Louisiana. 257 pages, 371 All Color Photos, 7 Maps, Horizontal Format, Hardcover.



Manufacturer’s Catalog Archive Book 32
General Electric Diesel Electric Locomotives

This reproduces a number of General Electric Publications on their Diesel-Electric and Turbine Electric Locomotives.
Included are:
Diesel-Electric Industrial Locomotives: This looks at the advantages of the G-E Diesel Electric Switcher, how they cut costs, save time and boost productivity.  This looks at the different types of locomotives and their performance. Also included is a look at their use in Car Manufacturing, Chemical, Lumber, Rock Products, Steel and Utilities industries.

45 ton Diesel-Electric for Industrial Switching: This looks at the 45 ton 4 Axle 300 HP engine, its performance, design and components. 
• 65 ton Diesel-Electric for Industrial Switching: This looks at the 65 ton 4 Axle 400 HP engine, its performance, design and components. 
• G-E 70 Ton Locomotive: This looks at the 70 ton, 600 HP locomotive, including it's design, performance and components. 
• 80 ton Diesel-Electric for Industrial Switching: This looks at the 80 ton 4 Axle 550 HP engine, its performance, design and components. 
• Building Profits on America's Railroads General Electric U25B U25C Diesel Electric Locomotives: This is a look at the U25B and U25C.  This looks at the design of the engines, their features and the FDL-16 Diesel Engine.
• G.E.'s Gas Turbine-Electrics Open Up New Era in Railroad Motive Power: This looks at the development of the Gas Turbine Engine, their use hauling freight trains, and the principals of Gas Turbine Operation.
• Presenting the General Electric More Power to America Special: This looks at the More Power to America Special Train and some of the exhibits about electrical power. 

110 pages, B&W, Softcover.



Manufacturer’s Catalog Archive Book 37
Heisler Locomotives V2: Geared Locomotives

This reproduces 3 Heisler publications: Catalog 108- This is a catalog from 1908.  Included in this catalog is a look at the Heisler geared locomotives, their general arrangement and gearing design, main frame, braking system, boiler, cab and specifications. Catalog 115- This catalog looks at the Heisler geared locomotives, their trucks and gearing, sand boxes, bearings, main frame, brake system, boilers and more.  Well illustrated. 1908 Repair List- This includes label drawings of the locomotives and components indicating all of the different parts. 118 pages, B&W, Softcover.



Manufacturer’s Catalog Archive Book 38
Fairbanks Morse Locomotives V1: Diesels

This includes reproductions of 2 Fairbanks-Morse publications: Fairbanks-Morse Train Master: 2400 Horsepower Diesel Locomotive: This is a look at the Train Master.  This includes a look at the power plant, transmission, fuel and oil supplies, train heating capability, air brakes, dyanamic brakes, dimensions, running gear, hood construction and cab arrangement. Lackawanna Story- This is a look at the use of the Train Master on the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western.  Includes their use in Freight, Commuter and Passenger service. 50 pages, B&W, Softcover.



Model Realistic Freight Car Loads
By Keith M. Kohlmann
This book will guide you in making your models more realistic by following prototype practice in securing loads and operating them. Included are a lot of photos of real loads, drawings showing how real railroads secure them to cars, and several modeled examples with tips on making model loads as realistic as possible.
You’ll get a variety of types of loads, including:

  • Farm machinery and heavy equipment.
  • Steel and metal products.
  • Buses, trucks, cars, and other vehicle loads.
  • Forest products and building materials.
  • And much more!
    108 pages, Mostly Color, Softcover.



Passenger Train Annual 2021
The 2021 Passenger Train Annual covers your favorite trains from the past and present, including...
• Celebrating 50 Years of Amtrak
• Twilight for Budd M3s in New York
• Passenger Hood Units of the 1960s
• North Coast Hiawatha Memories
• Ties That Bind: Cross-Border Trains, and much more!
Western Reflections Pub. Co. 175 pages, B&W, Softcover.



People Moving People: The History of VIA Rail Canada
By Kevin J. Holland
This book recounts the history of VIA rail Canada, from its 1970s origins to its 40th Anniversary in 2018 and beyond.
288 pages, Color, Horizontal Format, Hardcover.



Southern Pacific 4-8-0 Locos
By J.A.Strapac & Tom Dill
A new book by noted Steam and Diesel authority Joe Strapac and Tom Dill, detailing the history of the 4-8-0 steam locomotives owned by the Southern Pacific. The SP rostered 84 engines in several classes and the various changes to them are documented throughout the book. Illustrating the text are numerous unpublished photos from the cameras of noted railroad photographers H.L. Arey and H.H Arey as well as Robert McFarland, Bert Ward, Gerald Best and others. A chapter on tenders by Arnold S. Menke and a comprehensive roster is included, along with engine diagrams, division assignments and engine dispositions.
208 pages, B&W, Hardcover.



Southern Pacific Trainline
Summer 2022 #152
Dunsmuir Turntable; the Friendship trains; Oxnard Depot & Frt operations



The DCC Guide, Wiring & Electronics. Second Edition
By Don Fiehmann
This comprehensive guide helps modelers get the most out of DCC with diagrams and photos showing how DCC works, from wiring to installing decoders in locomotives. This book presents an overview of the product lines available and helps modelers select the right system for their plans.
88 pages, 85 Color Photos, 35 Illustrations, Softcover.


The Milwaukee Road Railroader
2nd Quarter 2022
Magazine Contents;

Going Out in Style.
Mr. "Van" Van Sickle.

Portfolio: The Milwaukee Road in Milwaukee.

Ride 'em Cowboy!.

Four Guys and a Bulldog - Modeling the 5901.

Departments: Trailing Units

 48 pages, Color, Softcover.



Twin Cities Rails
By Dean Freimund
The Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, have been an intriguing rail center since its inception; the color film and vibrant schemes of the diesel era made it more so. And the subsequent merger era (and consequent limited partitioning) made this hub a veritable kaleidoscope, creating a magnet for generations of railfans worldwide. The panoply of makes and models of locomotives used by the Class Ones, regionals, terminal, and passenger railroads covers the spectrum, making this book difficult to put down for any and all fans of trains, near and far. 144 pages, All Color Photos, Hardcover..


Wiring Your Model Railroad
By Larry Puckett
If model railroaders could own one book about wiring, this would be the best choice. In Wiring Your Model Railroad, Larry Puckett provides a helpful overview of all things wiring, including traditional wiring and DCC. This is the first wiring book any modeler should buy, and it’s a useful reference guide for experienced modelers. Most importantly, it is the first book any publisher has released on this topic in 15 years. So, it’s the most current and reliable source of model railroad wiring information you’ll find anywhere.
127 pages, 140 Color Photos, Softcover.