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Sunset HO Brass

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Steam Locomotives


O5 4-8-4
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy - CB&Q - Rd# 5629
w/DC/DCC Sound
Different Rd# Shown

Model Features/Info
QSI "Titan" DC/DCC Operation and Dual Speaker Sound Kadee Coupler Installed in Tender
Dual 30mm Speakers with Plastic Enclosures for Superior Sound 30" Radius Track Operation
Working Mars and Backup Red Light in Mars Casting (DCC Controllable) Fully Detailed Backhead
Prototypical Painting and Lettering All Brass Construction
Quality Canon Motor (Made in Japan) Sprung Drivers
Fully Detailed In Brass Directional Lighting

Glazed Windows

125 models made!
Convertable Tender Coal/Oil (Oil Insert Included)  
Roundhouse 1174
Retail $1399.95
Our Price